Maps (updated June 2011)

Public and agency comments were gathered during the August 2009 public meetings hosted by the Rural Utilities Service (RUS) and during the subsequent comment period. As a result of this input, in conjunction with data collection and field review, updates to the routing options were released in November 2009.

Additional comments resulted from the public hearings held in Walsenburg and Alamosa by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) in Fall 2009, and also through email, phone calls and written comments from interested parties. Based on this ongoing input from the public and other stakeholders, along with further data and field review, potential transmission line routing segments have been updated. Also, additions and adjustments were made to locations of homes and other features based on information provided by residents and verified in the field or using aerial photography. The interim draft routing maps on this page have been revised and updated to reflect the changes made so far.

RUS plans to hold additional scoping meetings prior to drafting the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). In addition, route refinement workshops will be held to collect additional public comments and help further define the alternative routes and associated potential environmental impacts that will be addressed in RUS's EIS. Information will be provided on additional public meetings and workshops once they are scheduled. We welcome your continued input in this process. Please provide comments via email here.

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